What to do if you are a victim of Identity Theft:

Request a copy of your credit report from each of the major credit reporting agencies:

P.O. Box 740250
Atlanta, GA 30374- 0250

Phone 800 525-6285
TDD: 800 255-0056

P.O. Box 9556
Allen, TX 75013- 9556

Phone: 888-397-3742

P.O. Box 6790
Fullerton, CA 92834-6790

Phone: 800 680-7289
TDD: 877 553-7803


Request your free Annual Credit Report click here. Once you receive it, review it carefully, and notify the credit reporting agencies above of any discrepancies.

Request that a fraud alert be placed on your credit file (with the three agencies above).

Report any fraud involving your Social Security number to the U.S. Social Security Administration (1-800-269-0271).

File a complaint with the FTC. Click here to do it.

Keep a detailed record of all communications. Send all letters by certified mail and keep copies. If you think your case might lead to a lawsuit, keep track of how much time you spend dealing with the problem.

Notify the police. Click here to find your local police or sheriff dept. online

Subscribe to a credit monitoring service. We recommend this one:

Contact all creditors, and notify them that you are the victim of identity theft. This includes credit card companies, banks, department stores, and utility companies.

Contact your state identity theft resource providers. Click here to find yours.

Verify that your personal records are kept in a secure location, both at home and at work.

How to prevent Identity Theft

What to do if you've been victimized by Identity Theft

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