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Why don’t I get any results when I put in the name of someone that I think might be a sexual offender. First you have to select your state of residence. Click here to pick your state. Once you arrive at the directory for your state, you may have to select your county or city before you can enter a name to search. Many states do not offer search capability, they merely display the offenders’ information for you to browse .

Why do I have to pick my state to search for a sex offender. Aren't you a national search engine for sex offender information? is a portal that provides an index and links to the states that have made sex offender information accessible to their citizens. (In fact, there are still many states and counties that refuse to put sex offender information online). We strongly recommend that you write your congressman to request that sex offender information be made more easily accessible online. Click here for more info.

How do I add a deabeat to your list? Deadebeat Dad & Mom lists are maintained by your state child support enforcement agencies and/or your local county sheriff.
You can find links to both if you go to our DeadBeat Dads & Moms section and select your state.

Your sex offender or most wanted fugitive or prison inmate or deadbeat dad information is wrong. I am not seeing the person listed, or the listing is wrong? You local county sheriff or police responsible for updating and maintaining the accuracy of online sexual predator and most wanted criminal listings. If you feel something is wrong, you will need to contact your local law enforcement office, and we have a listing of them available here.

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