Most of the truly effective laws that have changed the criminal justice system in favor of the law abiding citizen are a result of ordinary citizens participating in the prevention of crime and demanding change in the system. Two of the most popular examples are Megan's Law, which is the result of the persistence of outraged parents, and the massive changes in drunk driving laws as affected by MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving).

This page offers some simple resources to assist you in that process of becoming involved and changing things for the better.

Find your representative - Look up the contact information for your Congressional representatives.

Check your local city, county and state sex offender directories, many of whom have alerts you can sign up for.

If your area has no information available online, contact your local law enforcement and ask them why.

Check our Missing Kids Directory

Report a sighting of a missing child to your local law enforcement


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Deadbeat Dads & Moms

Missing Persons

Most Wanted Criminals

Police & Sheriff Depts.

Prison Inmates

Sex Offenders

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