Currently, the best way for someone to help is to simply help us keep the information as current and comprehensive as possible by simply picking a page or series of pages to verify and update. The following tips may assist you:

1- Pick a specific page or series of pages to update. We suggest starting with your area of interest. If you are interested in updating a sex offender page for instance, the best place to start is with your own state's sex offender directory page.

2- Pull up the page you have selected and simply click each of the links to see if there are any that no longer work or are outdated. If you find one, use our link update form to update it: http://www.criminalwatch.com/linkupdate.asp

You may want to open another browser window, one with the linkupdate form and one with the page you have selected to update, and go back and forth between the two pages to make it easier.

If a link simply no longer exists, try entering the name of the link and some possible keywords in Google to see if there might be new or different sites that now provide that information. For example, if the Riverside County link on the sex offender page simply goes to a non-existent page now, go to Google and enter: Riverside County CA, sex offenders. Another technique to try is to remove part of the bad URL from the reverse. For example, if the bad link is:


You can start by removing the sexoffenders.html part and hitting enter to see if you get a valid page. If not, try removing the highrisk/ Keep going backwards until you find a site and then use their navigation to find the new area if possible.

3- Once you have verified and updated all the links on that page, scan it over to see if there are any cities or counties that do not appear. If so, Google them and see if you can find a site for them, and if so, go to our add a link form: http://www.criminalwatch.com/addlink.asp

Of course, the add a link form may be used for any new link or link suggestion that you feel will enhance the information offered at CriminalWatch.

4- Your updates and additions will be reviewed as soon as possible, and usually within 24 hours. If they are validated, they will appear on the site as soon as possible.

Finally, remember that any work you may donate to CriminalWatch is greatly appreciated not only by us here at CriminalWatch.com, but by the thousands of people that use CriminalWatch.com everyday in their search for ways to prevent or deal with crime. Your efforts may have a profoundly positive impact on people's lives. Thanks again for your interest and feedback.

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