Sex Offender Online Registry Action Letter


US Representative for the State
of ___________________________________
The Honorable _________________________

US Senator for the State of
The Honorable_________________________


Dear ________________________________

As as constituent and concerned citizen, I am writing to convey the importance of making information about convicted sex offenders available online. I believe the law-abiding citizens of this state have the federally mandated right (via the enactment of Megan's Law) to know if their children are living near or are possibly interacting with a convicted sex offender.

Currently, our state is a member of the minority that does not provide that information online to its concerned citizens. I believe this is not only disgraceful; it may have a devastating and dangerous impact on the public safety of the state your represent.

We are all aware of the increase in child abductions and molestations, and there is nothing like those tragic stories to strike fear in the heart of every parent. The technology easily exists to add a strong measure of prevention to this tragic scenario by allowing concerned citizens to easily and conveniently access the very information that may save their child's life.

There are many sites currently on the Internet that provide links to online directories of sex offenders by state. I have found to be the most extensive and the most current.

I encourage you to stand for the rights of concerned citizens to have convenient, online access to this public information. Most importantly however, I encourage you to stand for the rights of the children.

I sincerely thank you for your time and consideration in this serious issue.